A vacuum paper clip

Office or institution spaces have read glass wall surfaces that looks good but lie idle because things can not be pinned, stuck or glued on them. Vaco is a non invasive clip that leaves no mark neither damages the surface to hang things on.

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Since ages man has tried to convey a story or a message through various depictions that may include scratches on the rocky cave to quick doodles for team discussions. A vertical wall provides a great surface for a group to gather and discuss on a particular topic.

The issue

Glass walls are great to write and erase. But when stickers are stuck or an adhesive tape is used to hang posters on them tends to leave a mark on the glass surface, cleaning which is a hassle. Moreover while removing the poster/paper there are chances that the paper might get torn off. 

Shabby looks 
Cleaning difficulty


A small vacuum clip that clings on a glass or polished surface by vacuum and clips the paper/poster using a smart spring leverage mechanism without staining the glass.

a hassle free way of using glass walls to bring conversations alive

place it

press it

clip it

remove it

# Its freakin easy

Place the clip on a glass , metal or a polished surface you want hang your posters, reminders, designs on.

A simple push rejects all the air trapped between the glass and diaphragm and on releasing the clip it sticks on the wall

Press the dimple on top which lifts up the rubberised nose end, slide the paper under it and release. Wallah! the paper is clipped on glass with no adhesive.

Pull its tail and the strong bond of vacuum is released by a small leakage into diaphragm.

a window

of opportunity

silicon diaphragm

M3 bolt

helical springs


Friction pad

Spring seat body


outer shell

see what's inside

get stuck


As a part of classroom project the whole device was conceptualised and prototyped from scratch in 6 weeks. A series of functional prototypes followed by the finished onw with its packaging were created. User testing and product testing involved things including hanging a 1 kg mass kept for 48hrs.

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