A device designed to encourage you to drink more water 

Trips to the bathroom might be inconvenient under circumstances. Limiting water consumption might work temporarily but risk invitation to health hazards. Cases of diabetes ask for frequent urination throughout the day and night making it excessively difficult for old age or bedridden patients to visit the loo frequently.  

a urine disposal system
Type 1 and Type2 Diabetes 

India is the capital of diabetes has reportedly more than 40 million cases of Type2 diabetes and the number is growing. Frequent urination and thirst are some of the water-related symptoms of the same.  


Predictions state a growth of 45% by the year 2030 making it an alarming 70 million.

Frequent urination at night

Diabetes both Type1 and Type2 show a rise in need to urinate very frequently. A good sound sleep is necessary to keep the body and mind healthy, whereas these trips to bathroom hinder the sleep. As a result diabetes patients based on their age tend to reduce the water intake which is harmful in numerous ways. 


After age 50, most people wake up one or more times a night to urinate. This is a condition called nocturia. It can lead to sleep disruption, daytime tiredness, irritability, and stress.

all in one approach


don't worry we got you covered

A design that aids portability, providing housing for all the components within the main body. Easy to carry ergonomic handle, a groove to wrap pipe around the body and a snapshot joint for the receiver unit. 

No tangles    No folds    No loose parts 


Made from durable material that is easy to clean yet provides a good grip.Areas of probable body contact are made from medical grade silicon. 

Receiver with silicone insert
Main body

The main body holds 2.2 liters of fluid enough for one night's urine. The body has a peripheral groove which allows the pipe to be wound around making it more homogenous and all inclusive design.

The medical grade silicone with an arrester is provided to arrest the remaining droplets if any. The opening of the receiver if big enough to accommodate the 95 percentile men's penii. The receiver also boasts two embossed on the outer walls for snap shot fit.

Silicone arrester 

Bed ridden or old age, its a tough time for few to move out of the bed for urination. The receiver houses a hook to be stuck on to the bed frame for easy access when u need it.

The inwardly bent lip of silicone prevents the male member from touching the hard plastic and arrest any runaway droplet from spilling out.

Cut out section
of receiver
ventilated nozzle

The two piece cap and nozzle arrangement avoids twisting of pipe and flow blockage

Stop holding it!

and drink lots of water, Cheers.