Say "hello" to your new indoors sun


A portable clothes dryer

Solair is a portable clothes dryer which provides the advantages of solar drying during rains, clouds or even at nights.

why solar drying is necessary


Solar radiation contain UV rays which kills harmful microorganisms including bacteria. Bacteria induces foul odour in clothing and causes infections

Sunlight is free and abundant resource that keeps the clothing fresh and clean also disinfects them.

Drying clothes on a line outside is a great exercise and a 10 minute job is a good workout

But what when it's not available?

Raining outside

Places like Mumbai, Bangalore receives heavy downpour during monsoons and drying clothes is a challenge when u need them the most.

Cloudy Days

Sunshine is not a guarantee in all parts due to geographical reasons or awkwardly facing flats that don't allow sunshine inside.

Instant Drying

Got a plane to catch but your business suit still not dried yet.


We need clean and dry clothes almost always for good hygiene.

get the benefits of solar drying, indoors.. 

even when its raining

the power of  UV+

The ultra-violet rays in sunlight helps to bleach and disinfect laundry. This is particularly beneficial for white sheets, towels and cloth diapers.

The UV light sanitises clothes by killing microorganisms including bacteria that cause odour and infections.

placement of components

Two fans placed overhead suck air at room temperature through the baffles provided on top. the air intake is designed to prevent any spillage from going into the unit

simplicity at its best

a design which is unobtrusive and blends into your living room or bedroom and speaks elegance.

Selective heating

Heaters adjoining the fans heat the drawn air from baffles and is blown on the clothes hung below. The selective modes lets one choose the strength of hot air.

Stay clean stay dry

250W powerful motors

AC-DC converter 24v

1000W selective filament heater

Spillproof baffles

Setting up solair

trust me

it's easy

Flat pack made easy

The large volume quickly transforms into a thin easy to store size good enough to be stored inside the wardrobe and takes no space

pack it up in summers

too short for a dress?
Adjustable to your need
The telescopic legs provide two height levels, one for shirts or tops and the second one for dresses and kurtas to be hung with ease