Be your own barista

Budan is a manual espresso which eliminates the complexities of a conventional espresso machine.

Espresso is an essential element to good cup of Coffee, be it cappuccino, Latte and most other coffee beverages.

Espresso is a thick concentrated extract of coffee which is made by passing hot water through densely packed powdered coffee under pressure. Espresso machines have a boiler which generates steam and creates enough pressure to make espresso. A complicated mechanism which needs regular maintenance and is prone to breakdowns regularly.

Manual espresso
water heater
milk heater

Espresso machines are quite costly due to their complexities and the alternatives are more manual in nature




Handpresso is a manual pressurising espresso maker which uses a hand pump to create pressure and needs hot water from a kettle externally

Aeropress has a two chamber piston system to generate enough pressure to pass water through the densely packed coffee in bottom. Water is added externally from a kettle.

Electric kettle is a key requirement to boil water to about 95-100 degree and then added to handpresso or aeropress as they don't have a inbuilt heater element.

Frother is needed to create foam on low fat milk as it is later added to the Espresso to create Cappuccino or Latte.

A one stop solution to your perfect coffee. With features that are needed to make a perfect cup of cappuccino or latte you are equipped to be a barista on your own.

All you need is milk, water, coffee powder and your thirst for coffee.

Pour a jug of cold water in the water tank which is big enough to brew 8 espressos. The cold water rushes down the tubes of heater and upon heating rises up and drops into the cylinder ready to be pressed.

holds tall travel mug too

 30 ml
single shot
 60 ml
double  shot
closed position
The height of lever linked to piston and cylinder determines the volume of hot water pressed through packed coffee.
The extended lever provides mechanical advantage to the user, pivoted in farthest end the bottom provides a good footing to prevent toppling.


Its easy..

let's get to the bottom of it

Regenerative heating 
The heater  coil which boils the water is coupled with a hot plate. The cup with a metal bottom stores milk which is boiled and then frothed using the frother  to get foam.
Drip pan integration 
The drip pan sits on the body in a dedicated chamber, easy to take out and dispose away. The pan is covered with perforated cover which lasts as a semantic to keep the cup on.
Water tank lid
control panel
Water tank
press handle
Water level indicator
polycarbonate cylinder
press handle